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Device Manufacturer

Give an extra edge to your product in the competition. Add support for the latest real-time systems and IIoT into your new or existing product line.
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Gain a head start in the market for your new product or boost your in-house infrastructure efficiency, by taking advantage of the latest automation technology.
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IC Manufacturer

Expand your device portfolio by adding support for the newest technologies in Industry 4.0. Accelerate market adaption with white papers and sample source stacks.
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What do we offer?

We offer our engineering expertise and solutions for SME and large enterprises to realize their product market and infrastructure objectives.

What are the modes of engagement?

What are our areas of engineering expertise?

Integrate the latest and Open-source real-time Ethernet technology into your product line; Explore what suits.
Brownfield development, Smart industry, Custom OT device design, OT and IT integration for your organization.
If you are an OEM, module or IC manufacturer, leverage our range of solutions to get ahead in target market.
Retrofitting and bridging, Functionality tests and Certification, EOL management and mitigation.
Take a look at our embedded vertical and let us know what are you looking for.
Improve productivity with ambient monitoring and real-time Ethernet systems, reduce design complexity and size
Build custom solutions for 3M fault detection, smart factory and Manage obsolescence.
We offer vertical and horizontal integration for product development, Instrumentation for in-field monitoring.
Design and develop automotive test systems, driver assistance and infotainment systems.

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