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Realtime Ethernet


If you are
  • a factory owner looking for improving operational efficiency by upgrading the floor automation systems
  • an OEM looking for upgrading the product line with the latest of realtime Ethernet systems
  • a device manufacturer looking to create a new product line for a specific automation protocol
  • a chip manufacturer/vendor looking to market a new product line by adding new Ethernet protocol support


We help you with
  • prototyping and designing a new product with realtime Ethernet support
  • integrating Ethernet protocols, Open Source and third party components into your product and automation infrastructure
  • creating marketing content with technical white papers for your chips
  • accelerating market adoption with out-of-the-box sample source and development framework
  • training your team and enabling them to work on a new system
  • long term support with in-house development and continuous improvement of product lines

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