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Modes of engagement

We work with our customers in integrating the latest of the automation world into their product and infrastructure, in order to give them an extra edge in their respective domain market.

As there are many solutions to one problem, in order to pick the most suitable one for your requirement, we work closely with you at different levels depending on the development or deployment stage. At every stage of our collaboration,

  • we listen to you in order to understand your business/technical/market/aesthetic requirements and take into account the infrastructure, ecosystem and resources available for you.
  • We enable you to take faster decisions by helping you visualize the end goal and better define your product.

  • Consulting and technology training

    When starting with a new product/technology, to go ahead with the decision making process, it is necessary to have:

    • a good visualization of your end goal or product
    • a standard definition of attributes and vocabulary

    We provide technological training for helping you gain better clarity with these aspects. We closely work with your team to enable them to visualize the target and establish a standard definition. In this process, we provide you with technological walk-through, hand-holding and assistance needed during development.

  • Prototyping
    In this stage of the development, we evaluate a new product/technology for your requirement. This enables you to
    • take design and strategic decisions for your product at the early phase.
    • create a better marketing for your product by equipping you with technical content and whitepapers.
    • accelerate product adaptation by providing packaged sample source and framework.
  • Product development & time to market
    Leverage our engineering expertise and supplier network to achieve your product time-to-market target. We develop a complete turnkey product or closely collaborate with your in-house team and coordinate with the technology providers to create critical components of your product design and development. We manage the knowledge handover to your team to enable them to maintain the product line.
  • Continuous improvement
    We collaborate with you to
    • maintain your existing product line in the market, by providing technical field support.
    • manage new technology integration for the existing or new product releases, to maintain market gain.
    • manage and improve your in-house infrastructure to increase productivity and efficiency.

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