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Engagement Process

We believe in providing efficient, effective engineering solutions and creating enduring relationships with our customers, suppliers through quality working experience.

Our engagements with our customers start with consultation where, we

  • Open a conversation to understand our customer's business & market objectives
  • Assess the technology/infrastructure need and ecosystem
  • Provide technology training for a new technology, if required, to give a better goal visualization

For a new technology or product, often creating a minimum functional block is a good idea as a proof of concept, to help make a good decision. For this purpose, we allocate a quick 'Pilot team' to evaluate and create a POC.

The 'Pilot team' doesn't stop there. We use our experience in vertical system integration to create an MVP from this functional block which can be used by our customer to market and demonstrate their product idea.

As the next step, we jointly work with the customer to define the

  • Total product work-package
  • Milestones - timeline for product increments
  • Dedicated team which can be co-located or collaborate with customer's in-house team

We follow Agile development process in our R&D where
  • A dedicated team is allocated for each of our customer, co-located or collaborating with our customer's in-house teams.
  • An account manager, for each customer, to maintain a history and knowledge database which helps us realize the context, expectation and provide quality personalized service.
  • Product increments are provided after each milestone. This provides flexibility to handle any changes to the original feature set and helps in taking early go or no-go decisions.
  • An early testing (shift left) strategy is followed to enhance the benefits of the agile process.
  • Weekly and monthly status sync is done between the customer and R&D team to provide an unambiguous view and good tempo.

Long term and repetitive customer relationships are important to us . We align ourselves to provide

  • Personalized service
  • Quick resolution of requests
  • Effective knowledgeable team
to our customer for achieving a smooth working experience.

Our Q/A team tracks the customer expectation and experience from the first day of interaction (i.e. consultation), throughout our association, till the completion of the end goal. We achieve it by embedding our Q/A system into our customer interaction process, to make sure that

  • Our customer's expectation from the product is met
  • We provide a quality experience to our customer throughout our association

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