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Industrial IoT


Industrial IoT is driving the convergence of IT and OT and is the cornerstone of Industry 4.0. It is the next stage, of the evolution bringing in an end-to-end industrial transformation.

If you want to

  • integrate your factory operations management into your IT management platform
  • integrate multiple isolated production floor monitoring systems into one ERP platform
  • develop a new device for IT OT alignment and convergence for IIoT
  • create a smart greenfield IIoT system


We help you with

    OPC UA

    One-stop solution for all things OPC UA

    From getting you started on OPC UA, to selecting the right stack,
    and creating a solution for your end-application, this will address
    all your target system needs including security and safety.

    Industry4.0 Toolkits

    Spring-board your industry4.0 adoption with one of our toolkits

    From creating a compliant information model for your machine,
    to connecting your field devices into your cloud platform for greenfield / brownfield,
    to configuring your devices and creating process parameter mappings into your MES,
    to integrating DevOps for your test-bench and remote diagnostics .

    Time Sensitive Networking

    Get started on TSN

    From configuration of your TSN device,
    to creating central configuration & management of your TSN network,
    to benchmarking & diagnosing your TSN setup

    Industry4.0 toolkit previews

    Take a look at the demos of our toolkits

    Take a sneak peek at our toolkit demos, for deciding what suits you best.
    Do you need a complete solution or just the backend APIs to integrate into
    your platform or do you need a customized solution; drop us a message and we will get in touch asap.